2 Positions Available With Kane County's New Farm to School Program

2 Positions Available With Kane County’s New Farm to School Program

Kane County is launching a new Farm to School Program at the Juvenile Justice Center in St. Charles and is seeking two qualified contract staff to support the project.

The USDA grant-funded program will pay for two part-time positions through July 2020. The contract positions include a Farm to School program coordinator and garden coordinator.

Both positions will report to the Kane County Development and Community Services Department, and coordinate with other county partners including the University of Illinois Master Gardeners and Illinois Farm to School Network.

The two-year grant program will build on efforts to institutionalize hands-on food growing and learning opportunities for youth under the care of the JJC. The program will also explore opportunities and develop strategies for the JJC to procure fresh and healthy food items from area growers.

The grant budget included line items for contract staff to oversee the implementation of various aspects of the grant program. See below for descriptions of the two contractor positions now open for applicants.

Farm to School Program Coordinator

The program coordinator will act as the day-to-day project manager, responsible for overseeing the implementation of the grant program under the direction of Kane County Development and Community Services.

This contractor will supervise the activities of other part-time contractors and coordinate volunteers. The position will have an estimated average time commitment of 20 hours per week, which may fluctuate throughout the program period; and wage rate between $30 to $35 per hour, depending on qualifications.

Some of the key responsibilities of the program coordinator will include:

  • Develop a time-bound work plan encompassing all Farm to School Program activities assigned to responsible parties.
  • Facilitate a kickoff “all hands” meeting of key project team members and contractors within the first quarter of 2019 to ensure alignment on the project work plan.
  • Oversee the completion of project activities through regular project meetings/calls of the core team; including the preparation of conference call / meeting agendas and assigning action items to project team members.
  • Draft written guidelines for future food service contracts with requirements for local purchasing, developed in consultation with key stakeholders.

Farm to School Garden Coordinator

The garden coordinator will be responsible for the installation and care for new gardens at the JJC, and coordinating with JJC youth that participate in gardening activities and lessons.

The garden coordinator will work with the master gardeners and other volunteers who share responsibility in caring for the garden area. This individual will also work with the Farm to School Program Coordinator and JJC teachers to build linkages between classroom lessons and garden activities where appropriate.

The position will have an estimated time commitment of 20 hours per month, which will vary with the growing season. The wage rate for the position will run from $20 to $25 per hour depending on qualifications.

Some of the key responsibilities of the garden coordinator will include:

  • Oversee the proper installation, planting, and care of the JJC gardens for the 2019 growing season; refresh raised bed gardens for the 2020 season; assist teachers in maintaining the indoor tower gardens as needed.
  • Involve JJC students in the installation and care of the gardens, providing instruction on proper horticultural methods.
  • Assist teachers in developing farm to school curriculum that links learning experiences in the garden to classroom lessons.
  • Advise the Program Coordinator on the purchase of needed garden materials and equipment.
  • Tracking volumes of vegetables harvested.

The new Farm to School Program will be located at the Juvenile Justice Center in St. Charles.

Instructions and Key Deadlines

Interested applicants can request an RFP information packet for either position, by submitting a contact information form available on the Kane County Purchasing Department Bids and Proposals page. Applicants should read the requirements within each RFP carefully before applying for a position.

The application deadlines for these positions are 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Jan. 8, 2019. Refer to the specifications for the deadline for each position being applied for.

Any questions about the positions must be submitted via email at PURCHASING@CO.KANE.IL.US or fax to 630-208-5107 no later than Dec. 27, 2018.