Shots Fired in Apparent Road Rage Incident in Aurora

Shots Fired in Apparent Road Rage Incident in Aurora

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A post on the Aurora Police Department Facebook page serves as a reminder to all Kane County residents about the danger of road rage.

According to the APD, an apparent case of road rage ended with shots being fired around 11:50 p.m. Tuesday, July 31, at Church Road and Hankes Avenue.

The episode started when two vehicles, a Pontiac Grand Prix and a gray sedan similar to a Volkswagen Passat, were eastbound on Indian Trail near High Street.

As they approached High Street, the driver of the Pontiac, who was in the left lane, wanted to turn south, but the driver of the other vehicle, who was in the right lane, kept speeding up and wouldn’t let him change lanes.

The driver of the Pontiac, an 18-year-old Aurora man, ended up getting behind the other car and both vehicles turned south onto High.

Shortly after they made the turn, the driver of the gray vehicle pulled to the side of the road, and when the driver of the Pontiac passed him, the other driver began to follow the Pontiac.

Both vehicles turned east on Hankes, and when they got to the intersection with Church Road, the driver of the gray sedan fired several shots hitting the Pontiac more than once but missing any of the occupants.

Aside from the driver, the vehicle was also occupied by another 18-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman.

There is not a definitive description of the suspect.

If you know or saw anything, please call Investigations at 630-256-5500 or Aurora Area Crime Stoppers at 630-892-1000.

SOURCE: Aurora Police Department Facebook page

(CREDIT: Google Maps)