East Downer Place in Aurora Changes to Two-Way Traffic Next Week

East Downer Place in Aurora Changes to Two-Way Traffic Next Week

Downer Place (blue dotted line) is changing to two-way traffic. (CREDIT: Google Maps)

If you’ve driven in downtown Aurora over the years, you probably remember the number of one-way streets.

In recent years, that’s changed.

Parts of New York Street, Galena Boulevard, Benton Street, Downer Place, River Street and Lake Street have been converted from one-way traffic to two-way traffic — and now, another major thoroughfare is making the change.

East Downer Place will switch to two-way traffic, beginning next week.

Weather permitting, Wednesday, July 18, the stretch of Downer between Broadway and State Street will change to two-way as part of multi-year conversion plan.

“As Aurora has grown, so have our patterns and plans,” said Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin. “Dallas, Denver, Sacramento, Louisville and Tampa are just some of the cities that have recently converted one-way streets into two-way streets. These changes in traffic patterns can enhance livability, make navigation easier, strengthen safety and promote economic development.”

The intersections of E. Downer Place at Lincoln, Jackson and Union will all remain as all-way stop controlled intersections.

Presently, changeable message signs are in place alerting motorists of the upcoming changes. New signs and pavement markings will be installed to support two-way traffic flow.

Traffic control barrels are being placed this week and will remain for two weeks during the transition.

SOURCE: city of Aurora news release