MetroNet Seeks Cable TV, 'Gigabit' Service Franchise For Mill Creek, Prestbury And More

MetroNet Seeks Cable TV, ‘Gigabit’ Service Franchise For Mill Creek, Prestbury And More

North Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and South Elgin aren’t the only Kane County communities getting a high-speed, fiber-optic upgrade.

Fiber-optic communications service provider MetroNet is proposing to provide cable TV as well as fiber internet services in certain areas of unincorporated Kane County, including the Mill Creek Development west of Geneva, and the Prestbury Development near the village of Sugar Grove, with construction of its multimillion-dollar, 100 percent fiber network.

As part of this process, MetroNet is proposing a new cable television franchise for the areas of unincorporated Kane County being serviced by their fiber internet network.

The proposed franchise agreement was considered by the Development Committee of the Kane County Board on June 19, 2018, and will be considered for approval by the full County Board on July 10, 2018. The new franchise area will provide residents and businesses in the proposed franchise area with an alternative to the existing Cable Television providers.

Persons with questions or comments about the proposed may attend the scheduled public hearing at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at the Kane County Government Center, Building A Ground Floor Auditorium, 719 Batavia Ave., Geneva.                                                         

Questions or comments amy also be directed to Mark D. VanKerkhoff, director of Kane County Development and Community Services Department, at 630-232-3451 or

With construction of MetroNet’s state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure, residents can look forward to the benefits of living in a “Gigabit City” that only a handful of communities nationwide currently enjoy, MetroNet said in a news release.

Through state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure, residential consumers in St. Charles will have access to Internet speeds of up to one Gigabit per second and interactive fiber TV service with incredible picture quality, plus feature-rich and reliable fiber phone service.

Company Executive Vice President and General Manager Kevin Stelmach said fiber technology has advantages for any community.

“A 100 percent fiber network offers greater bandwidth than most legacy networks are able to offer, providing consumers with greater speeds and better service quality.“ Stelmach added, “With virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity, fiber networks have the potential to positively impact a community by making things like telecommuting, distance learning and tele-medicine possible.”

MetroNet plans to offer a full suite of business communications services ranging from a scalable-hosted PBX phone solution for small and medium businesses all the way up to customized network services tailored to the specific needs of larger customers.

About MetroNet

MetroNet, a cutting-edge communications service provider, delivers the latest in fiber television technology, high-speed Internet, and local and long distance phone service over its 100 percent fiber optic network.

Headquartered in Evansville, IN, and serving more than 30 communities in Indiana and Illinois, MetroNet provides fiber-to-the-premise technology to homes and businesses within its footprint giving its customers state-of-the art quality, speed and reliability.

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