Kane County Selects Dynegy Energy for Electric Aggregation Program Renewal

Kane County Selects Dynegy Energy for Electric Aggregation Program Renewal

  • This article was written by Jessica Mino, resource management coordinator for the Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources.

Kane County has renewed its Electrical Aggregation Program, beginning August 2018.

Kane County has entered into an agreement with Dynegy Energy Services, LLC for electricity supply to residents and small commercial businesses in unincorporated portions of the county. Dynegy offered the lowest pricing in a competitive bid process.

Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen, authorizing the electrical aggregation agreement with Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources Director Ken Anderson on May 23, 2018.

Dynegy, located in southern Illinois, has served more than 500 municipal electric aggregation programs.

The new fixed rate is 7.026 cents per kWh for 24 months ending August 2020. This is a decrease from Kane County’s present electrical aggregation program rate of 7.08 cents.

As a comparison, the projected annualized ComEd default rate increased on June 1 to a rate of 7.75 cents.

The average participating ratepayer may anticipate $95 in savings for the first year of the two-year term.

Notices in The Mail

Residents and small businesses presently enrolled in the county’s program, or who receive default service from ComEd, will automatically receive the lower rate at meter read dates in August. The new rate will be reflected on ComEd bills dispersed in September.

These ratepayers will receive an opt-out notice to remove themselves from the program if they so choose.

Ratepayers in unincorporated Kane County who have entered into a private contract with an alternative supplier will receive an opt-in notice allowing them to enroll in Kane County’s electrical aggregation savings program.

Ratepayers enrolled with other suppliers may join the program by calling Dynegy at 844-351-7691 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. They must provide their ComEd account number to enroll.

It is recommended those ratepayers first check with their supplier to determine whether they will be subject to an early termination fee upon cancelling their current contract before making the switch.

All ratepayers — those automatically enrolled and those who opt-in to the program — will have the option of receiving 100 percent renewably-sourced electric supply at a rate of 7.248 cents per kWh from August 2018 through August 2020.

Please contact Dynegy to elect this sustainable option.

Kane County’s electrical aggregation program excludes Aurora and Dundee townships. Voters in unincorporated Aurora Township and Dundee Township passed referenda in November 2012 allowing their respective township boards to establish an electric aggregation program in those jurisdictions.

Please note that no one from Dynegy Energy, Kane County, or ComEd will ever visit your home or call you to enroll, nor ask for your ComEd account number. If a solicitor claims to be Kane County’s supplier or ComEd, take their information and report the incident to the ICC at 800-524-0795 or www.icc.illinois.gov/consumer/complaint.

With Kane County’s Electrical Aggregation Program, there is never an early termination fee, switch fee, nor monthly fee. Ratepayers may vacate at any time to switch to another supplier or ComEd default service.

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