Bulldogs Unleashed in Batavia! (Here's Where To Find Them)

Bulldogs Unleashed in Batavia! (Here’s Where To Find Them)

Here’s a screenshot of the interactive map where you can find the “Bulldogs Unleashed.” Click here to see the map.

The bulldogs have been unleashed in Batavia — and they’re a lot of fun to see.

Here’s how you can find and visit any or all of the unique Big Dawg statues now stationed throughout the city: Check out this interactive map created by Batavia’s GIS specialist Michael Kamin, which you can find by clicking here.

The QR code for this app is featured at right, as well.

Want to see a hard copy? Wall maps can be found in: Batavia City Hall, Batavia Public Library, East and West Side Park District Buildings, Batavia Public Schools Central Office, Batavia Post Office

The link to the desktop map for printing is here: http://bit.ly/COB-BU18-D

The city of Batavia invites you to take a photo of yourself with your favorite Bulldog and share it on Facebook, or email to ccudworth@cityofbatavia.net with the subject line: Share Our Bulldogs Photo.

Symbol of Pride

Batavia has long celebrated its history as the city of windmills, but in recent years a new symbol for pride in community has been making a play for the attention of residents and visitors during the summer months: a highly artistic flourish to the Batavia High School bulldog mascot.

The first Bulldogs Unleashed public art project took place the summer of 2011, raising $75,000 for local charity partners Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence, Batavia Parks Foundation and the Batavia Public Library Foundation. The three partner foundations have teamed up once again for an encore exhibit.

30 Local Artists

More than 30 local artists submitted designs to the Bulldogs Unleashed committee in 2017. Each offered themes of local landmarks or inspiring creations such as superheroes or patriotic symbols, to name a few.

Following the approval process, committee members secured sponsors for each of the Bulldogs while the artists went to work over a 6-8 week period creating their bulldog masterpieces.

The 30 bulldog masterpieces were revealed to the community on June 10 as part of the Batavia Flag Day celebration. The twenty-seven 30” fiberglass bulldogs and three monster 44” bulldogs plus eight legacy bulldogs from 2011 are now positioned around Batavia for the public to view.

Share your photos at the Bulldogs Unleashed via Facebook (BataviaBulldogsUnleashed), Twitter(@BulldogsUn), and Instagram(BulldogsUn) as well the website, www.bulldogsunleashed.org.

Now Through Labor Day

Additionally, a parade of puppies is headed for this year’s Batavia’s Windmill City Fest slated for July 13 to July 15.

Tiny painted pooches are kenneled at City Hall council chambers for the weekend’s fest competing for “Best of Show” titles. The dog show has two divisions: Adult (18 and over) and Child (17 and under) with artists vying for the coveted title, blue ribbon and Bulldogs Unleashed merchandise.

After the summer display of Bulldogs concludes, the Bulldogs Unleashed committee hosts an auction of the big dogs on Sept. 15, 2018 at the Eastside Community Center. Auction tickets are available at www.bulldogsunleashed.org, the official website of Bulldogs Unleashed.

Tabletop Foster dogs are on display at local businesses. Grab a passport at any of the 10 locations, get them all stamped and enter a free raffle to win a Bulldogs basket.

Bulldogs Unleashed is a public art display that enlightens, entertains, and brightens Batavia now through Labor Day. At the same time the beloved mascots provide financial resources to important community foundations, support the local arts community and provide doggone fun for the citizens of Batavia.

SOURCE: city of Batavia, Bulldogs Unleashed website