Police: No Imminent Danger After Social-Media Threats at Batavia High School

Police: No Imminent Danger After Social-Media Threats at Batavia High School

West Aurora High School isn’t the only Kane County learning institution plagued by false social-media reports of school shootings.

A Tuesday (Feb. 27, 2018) media release from the Batavia Police Department indicates that “there is not an imminent threat or danger to students or staff at the high school” following a series of posts disseminated through social media.

The media release indicates that students involved in the social media posts have been identified.

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“Given that all of the involved students are juveniles, state statute does not allow for names of students or specific details to be released,” Deputy Chief Shawn Mazza said in the media release. “As of this time, there have not been criminal charges filed against the students involved in this incident.”

In Aurora, a 15-year-old faces felony charges for allegedly posting false school-shooting threats on social media.

Any disciplinary action against the involved students is handled in accordance with high school district police, the media release said.

Batavia law enforcers have increased the police presence in and around the high school. Police said communications were sent out to families of high school students by the school district informing them of the investigation.

Parents and students are encouraged to call the BPS safety line at 630-937-5410 to report concerns. Students and family members may call the school resource officer’s non-emergency phone number at 630-454-2500.

Mazza said every school safety concern is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

“If at any point any threat is found to be credible and danger exists, families would be immediately notified to the situation and of countermeasures being taken by the Police Department and School District,” the release said.

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