VIDEO: Clever 'Moana' Parody Offers Holiday 'Thank You' To Public Works Professionals

VIDEO: Clever ‘Moana’ Parody Offers Holiday ‘Thank You’ To Public Works Professionals

You can play “Spot The Schoedel” and laugh out loud when you watch this “parody/promotional/educational” video put together by the Chicago Metro Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

Carl Schoedel, Kane County Division of Transportation director, is one of the “extras” in this clever musical parody set to the tune of “You’re Welcome” from the popular animated Disney movie “Moana.”

If you haven’t seen the Disney movie or heard Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sing the song, click on this link for a preview. The APWA’s effort is essentially a holiday-season thank you to the hard working men and women in the public works profession who do so much for us every day.

Star Power

KDOT Director Carl Schoedel gives the “thumbs up” sign during the APWA’s “You’re Welcome” video.

Schoedel, a good sport if ever there was one, was the second cameraman, the snowplow driver and one of the “dancers” in the 5-minute video.

When you watch the video, be patient. It starts a little slow but gains musical momentum and gets funnier as it goes.

This might be your initial reaction when you see the APWA video version of “You’re Welcome,” but hang in there. It grows on you. (CREDIT: YouTube video from Disney’s Moana.)

Some samples of the lyrics:

  • “What can I say except, ‘You’re Welcome!’ … For maintaining your water supply.”
  • “Also I fixed your sewer main! … ‘You’re Welcome!’ … You’re happiness just can’t be contained!”
  • And in rap mode: “What’s the lesson? What’s the takeaway? Public works helps us all in the day-to-day.”

There are even “out takes” at the end, which are worth the wait.

The original concept for the video was from Rachel Lang of Corrective Asphalt Materials. It was directed by Jorge Cruz of the village of Wilmette.

The “creative team” includes John Clarke of Peralte-Clarke LLC, Tiffany Englehardt of ERA Consultants, Michelle Lipinski of Rubino Engineering, Sean O’Dell of Baxter & Woodman, Erin Pande of ERA Consultants, Eric Rose of Thomas Engineering, plus the aforementioned Lang, Cruz and Schoedel.

Gaining Popularity?

If you’re looking for animated tattoos dancing on pectoral muscles in the APWA video, you’ll be disappointed. But like the Dwayne Johnson version, the quality of the singing might surprise you. (CREDIT: YouTube video screenshot.)

While the Dwayne Johnson version has 275,924,981 views on YouTube, the APWA had 1,300 as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 26, so it has a ways to go to catch up.

That said, the video did get a nice plug Thursday (Dec. 21), when it was featured on WGN Morning News.

“Marcus Leshock did about a 1-minute blurb on this, showing portions of the video!” Schoedel said. “Kinda cool.”

About the APWA

The American Public Works Association is an international educational and professional association of public agencies, private sector companies and individuals dedicated to providing high quality public works goods and services.

The mission of the Chicago Chapter of the American Public Works Association is to provide educational opportunities for members and future members by:

  • increasing awareness of the vital role of public works in everyday life
  • supporting causes to advance the profession
  • providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information

SOURCE: APWA website