Top 10 KCC Stories of 2017 — No. 6: Fourth of July Parades And Fireworks

Top 10 KCC Stories of 2017 — No. 6: Fourth of July Parades And Fireworks

  • Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series counting down the top 10 Kane County Connects stories of 2017.

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It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win …

No. 6: Everybody Loves a Parade

Honestly, is there anything more American than a Fourth of July parade and fireworks display?

This year, we celebrated our nation’s 241st birthday in a big way in Kane County, IL. This article was published in late June and updated several times. It was viewed by 6,591 folks and previewed big events taking place in 12 Kane County communities.

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Traditionally, we do roundup and single-event stories on topics including, but not limited to, what’s closed and what’s open for multiple holidays during the year, the various festivals and big events happening in communities throughout Kane County, and news you can use, such as when daylight saving time starts and ends and Halloween Trick-Or-Treat hours for every community in Kane County.

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