First Gold Coin of Christmas Dropped Into Aurora Corps Red Kettle

First Gold Coin of Christmas Dropped Into Aurora Corps Red Kettle

The Salvation Army’s traditional holiday Kettle Bell ringing had just started when the first gold coin of the season appeared on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

That night, a 1 ounce South African Kruggerand gold coin, valued at approximately $1,278, and a 1-ounce silver bar pendent valued at approximately $17 was dropped into The Salvation Army Red Kettle, at Casey’s Foods in Naperville, 124 West Gartner Road.

The Aurora Corps Community Center was ringing bells at that location and will be the lucky recipient of the generous anonymous gift.

The donation will go far in ensuring Aurora continues to provide emergency assistance, a food pantry, and holiday meals this year, Aurora’s Captain Rich Forney said.

“Knowing that there are people in our community with the means to generate excitement around the joy of giving is a true blessing,” he said.

Casey’s Food Owner Dan Casey, a longtime Salvation Army supporter, was equally excited to learn of the donation.

“Someone here in Naperville is very generous, and they are supporting a great cause,” he said. “Hopefully it will start the trend of many more showing up in the kettles around the Chicago area.”

Gold and silver coins donated to The Salvation Army Red Kettles have become a much-anticipated holiday tradition of giving throughout the Chicago area and surrounding communities.

To find out how you can help in Naperville, Aurora and throughout the Chicago area this Christmas Season, go to

SOURCE: Salvation Army news release