2017 Fall Leaf Collection Dates, Rules in Kane County Cities and Villages

2017 Fall Leaf Collection Dates, Rules in Kane County Cities and Villages

The following is a roundup of news release and website information on leaf-collection dates for municipalities in Kane County. If we missed any, please email the news release to kanecountconnects@gmail.com.

Many of the Kane County communities not listed below have a yard waste collection program under which all yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags. Typically, those programs run though October and November, but you should consult your municipality’s public works department for up-to-date information.

Visit the Kane County Communities Webpage for links to municipal and township websites throughout Kane County.


Groot Begins Free Leaf and Branch Collection Starting Oct. 5

Free leaf collection by Groot will begin on Oct. 5 for Algonquin residents and will continue through Dec. 15.

Collection will occur on your normal collection day.  All leaves must be placed in standard paper yard waste bags or in reusable 32-gallon trash containers that are clearly marked. You may use a large, visible red “X” to indicate yard waste on your reusable container. Leaves should not be placed in loose piles. There is no collection of yard waste from Dec. 16 through March 2018.

During this time period, Groot will provide free pickup of branches. The branches must be tied in bundles which are not more than 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter and less than 50 pounds in weight. Grass clippings and other yard waste (such as plantings, sod, dirt, or woodchips) will require a collection sticker. Any bags or cans that contain leaves mixed with other yard waste will also require a collection sticker.

Also, please remember that putting leaves or yard debris into the street or on the sidewalk is prohibited by the Algonquin Municipal Code.

For more information, please visit www.algonquin.org.


The Free Fall Leaf Collection Program Begins Monday, Oct. 16 and Ends Friday, Dec. 8.

Fall has arrived and Aurora residents will once again be able to dispose of their leaves for free as part of the City of Aurora’s Annual Leaf Collection Program.

Leaves must be put into a 30-gallon Kraft paper yard waste bag and placed at the curb on the regular garbage pickup day by 6 a.m. No waste sticker is needed.

YARD WASTE — Yard waste collection will also take place through Friday, Dec. 2, as well. On the regular garbage pickup day, yard waste must be placed in a 30-gallon Kraft paper yard waste bag not to exceed 50 pounds. Each bag must have a waste sticker attached. The stickers used for yard waste are the same as the stickers used for excess garbage. Yard waste mixed with trash or yard waste in a trash can or plastic bag will not be collected.

BUNDLED BRUSH — Residents are also being reminded that brush must now be bundled for collection. Unlimited bundled brush collection is in process and will end on Friday, Nov. 3. Branches and limbs 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter and 2 feet to 4 feet in length must be bundled. Each bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds. Bundled brush does not need a waste sticker. Brush less than 1/2 inch in diameter is considered yard waste and must be packaged as previously described.


The city of Batavia offers a curbside collection program for residents who pay the monthly leaf/brush fee on their utility bill to dispose of their leaves. City crews use a specialized vacuum collection vehicle to collect the leaves.

Residents are asked to avoid placing sticks, bags, and plastic bottles in their leaf piles, as this causes the equipment to break down and delays the process. After collection, leaves are taken to an agricultural site and tilled into the soil, so it is important to keep the leaf piles free of foreign objects.

The intent of this program is to collect the majority of leaves residents may have during the time the program runs. “We understand that some trees drop their leaves after the program has finished for the season, and those residents are encouraged to use alternate options,” the city says. Ornamental grasses, plants, and corn stalks should be disposed of as yard waste on residents’ weekly refuse collection day.

The leaf collection program provides every resident with three collection opportunities, weather permitting. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Rake leaves to the space in the parkway no farther than 6 feet behind curb and not in street by 6 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled week. Leaves will be collected in designated areas, rain or shine. Crews will not return to an area once they have made one pass during the scheduled weeks.  If crews pass your home before your leaves are out, the leaves may not be picked up for two more weeks.
  • Per City ordinance, do not rake leaves into the street as this can create an unsafe driving surface and clogged storm drains, which can cause flooding.   Raking leaves into a long windrow, rather than a large pile, will expedite the process.  Please note that residents whose homes back up to an alley must still place leaves in their front parkway.
  • Do not pile your leaves around obstacles such as mailboxes, utility poles/boxes, hydrants, trees, and sign posts.
  • Limbs/brush should be placed in a separate pile for collection and may not be combined with leaf piles, as this damages the equipment.  Limbs/brush should only be placed at the curb if there is a scheduled collection.  The final citywide BRUSH collection will be done the week of  November 27 for both sides of town.

LEAF collections begin on Mondays at 6 a.m. according to the proposed schedule. Updates showing progress each day will be posted on the Leaf Collection Progress Map at the end of the business day.

East West
Oct. 16, 2017 Oct. 23, 2017
Oct. 30, 2017 Nov. 6, 2017
Nov. 13, 2017** Nov. 20, 2017**

**Third pickup up is tentative and will only be done weather permitting.

Although best efforts will be made to remain on schedule, the dates above may change due to the weather and volume of leaves put out for collection. Snow or freezing weather may significantly delay or permanently halt curbside leaf collection, as some of the equipment that is used to remove leaves is also used to handle deicing and snowplowing.

  • Advanced Disposal will be picking up yard waste bags containing leaves only WITHOUT refuse/yard waste stickers during the month of December.  This will be done on residents’ scheduled collection dates from Dec. 1 through Dec. 31. Loose leaves will not be collected, nor will leaves in plastic bags or cans.
  • Use a mulching lawnmower to mulch leaves back into the lawn. This provides nutrients for the soil.
  • Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs.  Again, this provides good nutrients for the soil and plants; it also insulates the plants.

If you have any questions on the leaf program, please call the Street Division of Batavia Public Works at 630‑454-2400.

Campton Hills

  • Editor’s Note: These are pickup times for brush, which does not include leaves. According to the Highway District guidelines, “Brush is hereby defined as trimmings from bushes or shrubs, as well as tree branches from trimming and/or pruning trees. Not considered to be brush are logs, root balls (not dirt), stumps, grass clippings, flowers, weeds, plants, leaves, lumber or anything in plastic bags or other such containers.”

Fall Brush Pick-up:

  • Monday, Oct. 9, through Friday, Oct. 13 for north of Route 64
  • Tuesday, Oct. 16, through Friday, Oct. 20 for south of Route 64
  • Monday, Oct. 23, through Friday, Oct. 27, for Campton Hills in Plato

Please make sure your brush conforms to Highway District guidelines for pick-up. Click here for the guidelines to follow. Residents with questions about the brush pick-up may contact the Highway District at 630-365-9300.

East Dundee

Burning Is Allowed

Yard waste burning is only allowed on the second and fourth Saturdays during the months of October, November and April and the second and fourth Sundays during the months of October, November and April. Open burning under this section shall be allowed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. October and November. Burning waste during other months could result in a complaint being filed. Small campfires, however, are allowed year round.


Elgin’s Fall Leaf Collection Begins in October

The city of Elgin’s two annual leaf collection programs will begin in October and run through the last week of November. These programs help residents remove seasonal yard waste, as well as lessen the potential for flooding from excess leaves left in the street that can block storm sewer drains.

Free Yard Waste Bag Collection

Beginning Oct. 1, Waste Management will not require stickers for yard waste bags. Bagged leaves will be collected weekly on residents’ regular garbage pickup day.

State law prohibits the disposal of leaves and other yard waste in landfills; therefore, these materials cannot be placed in plastic garbage bags or mixed with normal garbage. Please also be aware that leaf burning in the city of Elgin is prohibited.

Yard waste includes materials such as leaves, brush, branches, grass clippings, plants, weeds and other similar waste. Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable Kraft paper bags (maximum 33 gallons and 45 pounds) for collection. Yard waste placed in plastic bags will not be collected.

On-Street Leaf Collection

Beginning Oct. 23, weather permitting, the city of Elgin will collect leaves raked out into the street in designated areas.  Leaves should be raked along the curb by 6 a.m. on the designated area’s special collection day, shown on map below. Leaves placed in the street after the crews have passed will not be collected until the next scheduled date.

Please do not mix trash, branches or other yard waste with leaf piles. Avoid parking on the street on scheduled leafcollection days; leaf piles blocked by cars will not be collected.

Residents in the on-street collection areas may also place leaves in yard waste bags for free collection by Waste Management on regular garbage collection days.

As part of Elgin’s sustainability efforts, residents are encouraged to compost leaves or mulch leaves into their lawn with a lawnmower. Mulching controls weeds, uses less fertilizer, enables better water infiltration, reduces thatch and improves soil quality.

Please remember that weather and other delays may affect the published schedule.  In the event of snow, all loose-leaf collection will cease as snow and ice control operations take priority. Therefore, residents are encouraged to bag leaves for weekly collection by Waste Management whenever inclement weather is forecast.

For more information, visit the city’s website or call Elgin 311. For updates throughout the leaf collection season, follow the city of Elgin on Facebook and Twitter or download the Elgin 311 mobile app, available in Google Play and the App Store.


Leaf Collection Is Nov. 1 to Nov. 29, 2017

“There are two collection programs, so please read this information carefully and thoroughly!” the city says.

The program consists of three scheduled curbside vacuum collections and a leaf bag collection.


The community is divided into three geographical zones. Each zone will be collected three times during the five-week program using leaf vacuum equipment. Every street will be collected one time during each of the three separate pickups. Residents will be required to rake their leaves to the parkway prior to their scheduled pickup date.

Each zone requires two to three days to complete. On the scheduled start date of that zone, the crews will start at the beginning of the zone to insure no customers are missed.


  • 1st Pickup: Monday, Nov. 6 MONDAY
  • 2nd Pickup: Thursday, Nov. 16 THURSDAY
  • Final Pickup: Tuesday, Nov. 28


  • 1st Pickup: Wednesday, Nov. 8
  • 2nd Pickup: Monday, Nov. 20
  • Final Pickup: Wednesday, Nov. 29


  • 1st Pickup: Wednesday, Nov. 1
  • 2nd Pickup: Monday, Nov. 13
  • Final Pickup: Monday, Nov. 27

Program Requirements

Residents must place their leaves on the parkway no later than 7 a.m. of the Monday of your scheduled pickup period. If leaves are placed on the parkway after the collection crews have gone by, they will not return until the next scheduled pickup date.

Each year, the order in which the zones are collected is alternated to provide equal service to all residents. Collection this year will require approximately 2-3 work days to complete each zone.

  • PLACE LEAVES on the parkway parallel to the street and approximately 12 inches behind the curb or edge of pavement.
  • Leaves CAN NOT be placed in the street or in the curb/gutter. This will obstruct the flow of storm water runoff during rain events AND causes street flooding.
  • Do not include any debris such as garden materials, brush, grass clippings, cans, paper, bottles, construction materials, etc.
  • DO NOT place leaves on the parkway earlier than the weekend of your scheduled pickup week. Leaves must be place on the parkway by 7:00 A.M. on the Monday of your scheduled pickup period.
  • Do not to place leaves behind obstacles such as: parked vehicles, trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, streetlights, etc.
  • Pleaseplaceleavesinboxes,notinbags,ifleavesmustbeplacedinacontainer.
  • Please move temporary/portable basketball hoops off the parkway and away from the curb or edgeof pavement.
  • Do not place leaf piles in the alleys. Place the leaf piles in front of your home. The collection equipment cannot navigate in the alleys due to the size of the equipment.


  • Dec. 1 to Dec. 31: Residents must place the leaves in paper yard waste bags and place them out for collection on your scheduled refuse collection day. The refuse collection company will collect yard waste bags weekly until Dec. 31, 2016.
  • Refuse stickers are not required from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31.
  • Leaves only must be placed in the yard waste bags. No grass or other yard waste can be mixed with the leaves.

Alternative Options: This program is not intended to collect all of the residents’ leaves. There is a very small window of opportunity to collect the leaves from the time the leaves fall and when winter weather begins. Once the leaves are covered with snow, the leave vacuum machine cannot collect the leaves. Therefore residents are strongly encouraged to utilize alternative options with this program. These options are:

  • Utilize a mulching lawnmower and mulch leaves back into the lawn. This provides nutrients for the soil.
  • Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs. Again this provides good nutrients for the soil and provides insulation for the plants.
  • Utilize yard-waste bags and the refuse collection program.


Link: village of Montgomery Leaf Collection Page

During the months of October and November, village public works crews provide bulk leaf pick-up services to village residents. Residents who wish to have their leaves collected must have them raked neatly within 5 feet behind the curb/edge of roadway in front of their homes by 7 a.m. on the Monday of each collection week. Crews will make one pass through the Village each of the following weeks, Oct. 30, Nov. 6, and Nov. 20.

Grass clippings, sticks, twigs and other debris cannot be collected through the bulk leaf collection process. Placement of foreign debris will result in the crew skipping your address. Additionally, crews cannot vacuum leaves that are within 10 feet of a tree, mailbox, fire hydrant, street light, street sign, etc. Do not park cars in front of the leaves to be collected, our crew will not be able to collect them.

The village’s new refuse hauler DC Trash will also pick up leaves each week on your regularly scheduled collection day for no additional charge. There are no stickers needed, you will however have to place leaves in paper yard waste bags. Bags shall be placed at the curb no earlier than 5:00pm the night before your schedule collection.

Leaf burning is prohibited by village ordinance (Village of Montgomery Code, Section 12-27). It is also important to remember that leaves must be placed on the parkway in front of the property from which they originate (Village of Montgomery Code, Section 9-45), so please do not rake leaves into the street or onto other lots.

North Aurora

Link: village of North Aurora Leaf Collection Page

Curbside Leaf Program

The village of North Aurora offers a free leaf pickup service to residents. The leaf pickup program runs from mid-October through late November, and is provided to residents every other week.

For residents living on the west side of the river, pickup begins on the third Monday of October. Residents living east of the river pickup will begin on the fourth Monday of October. When completed each side of town will have received three pickups. Note: Even though pickup begins on Monday at 7 a.m. all streets can not be service in one day.

To ensure pickup during the designated east/west weeks please have your leaves out by 6:30 a.m. Monday of the specific week, to ensure pickup in case your street is serviced first.

Please keep in mind:

  • Pushing leaves into the street is a violation of ordinance 03-04-28-04, Section 12.06.010.
  • Leaves in the street get extremely slippery and crate a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Leaves must be on the parkway by 6:30 a.m. on your designated Monday.
  • Leaf piles with vehicles parked in front of them will not be picked up
  • Avoid raking foreign material into leaf piles.
  • Inclement weather or a large volume of leaves could alter the schedule


  • Rake leaves onto the parkway (area behind the curb, gutter, or road edge).
  • Rake leaves in a row parallel to the street, on the parkway, at least 1 foot back from the curb.
  • Keep leaf piles less than 2 feet in height.
  • Keep leaves away from ditches, pipes and culverts
  • LEAVES ONLY, no brush, branches, rocks, landscape waste

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will the leaf piles kill my grass? No, it will not kill your grass, it may cause discolor. The grass will grow back in the spring.
  • Why can’t we put the leaves in the street? Leaves in the street get extremely slippery and create a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles. It also tends to block storm sewer grates and clog catch-basins.
  • What happens if I miss the pick up time? It would be possible to be picked up sometime within the week while we are still on your side of town or use the bagged leaf collection program until the end of November.
  • When the program is canceled due to inclement weather, what do we do with the leaves? It is recommended that you apply the leaves to plants/trees/shrub beds as mulch or used the bagged leave collection program.
  • Where do we call if we want more information or have other questions? Call the Public Works Department at 630-897-1457.

Sleepy Hollow

The village allows burning of leaves, but it is limited to the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and only on the second and fourth weekends in the months of September, October and November only. Please be sure that conditions are not such that would cause the burning to get out of control. To prevent road damage and expensive repair no burning is permitted on the streets or in the swales.

South Elgin

Senior/Large Lot Leaf Pick Up Program

Curbside, unbagged leaf pickup is provided to households owned and/or occupied by senior citizens (age 65 or older) who are currently enrolled in the Senior Credit Program and to owners/occupants of residential lots larger than one acre.

Leaves are collected by the contractor on Mondays from Sept. 1 through Dec. 15 or the first snow fall.

Residents should be aware that the program only applies to leaves generated on a qualifying lot and staff will monitor the program for compliance in this regard. If the village determines that non-site generated leaves have been placed on an eligible lot, the residence will be removed from the program until such time as the leaves have been removed or bagged in an appropriate manner. Leaf pick-up must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Administrative Services Department at 847-742-5780 by noon the Friday before the pick up week.

St. Charles

Help Keep Your Yard Looking Good through the Fall

The city of St. Charles offers leaf, brush and yard waste bag collection services through the fall to help with your end-of-the-season yard clean up.

Leaf Pick Up Schedule

East Side of the River

  • Nov. 1
  • Nov. 13
  • Nov. 27

Pick up is not available for the following areas & subdivisions:

  • Cumberland Green
  • Delnor Glen Drive
  • Delnor Townhomes
  • Dunham Place Commons
  • Royal Fox private streets
  • Whittington Course
  • Townes of Fox Chase
  • Walnut Hill Townhomes

West Side of the River

  • Nov. 7
  • Nov. 17
  • Nov. 27

Pick up is not available for the following areas & subdivisions:

  • Auburn Court
  • Benham Court
  • Oak Crest
  • Viewpointe
  • Wildrose Springs Townhomes
  • Willowgate

Leaf Collection Reminders

  • Please have leaves on the parkway by 6:30 a.m. on the beginning day of pick up for your area.
  • It may take three to four days for leaves to be collected in your specific area.
  • A smaller truck will collect leaves in cul-de-sacs.
  • Leaves cannot be collected if the parkway is obstructed by parked vehicles or other obstacles. Leaves will be picked up on the next scheduled leaf collection when the obstruction is removed.
  • Please keep a distance of approximately 10 feet between leaf piles and permanent structures (fire hydrants, trees, streetlight poles). Please rake leaves in a row parallel to the street at least 1 foot back from the curb and off of the sidewalk.
  • Pushing leaves into the street is a violation of Ordinance 12.04.170, punishable by fines up to $500 for each offense.
  • This program is funded by a portion of the fees collected on the utility bills of eligible homeowners living within St. Charles city limits. Please review your utility bill or contact the city’s Utility Billing Department at 630-377-4426, if you have questions regarding your eligibility for this program.
  • Be sure to check the city’s website www.stcharlesil.gov, call Public Works at 630-377-4405 or send an email to pw@stcharlesil.gov for  any updates.

Yard Waste Bag Pick Up

  • Yard waste bag pickup by Advanced Disposal ends Nov. 28, 2017.
  • Yard waste collection will resume April 2018.

Final Brush Pick Up

East Side

  • Oct. 16
  • Nov. 20

West Side

  • Oct. 23
  • Nov. 27

Sugar Grove

Yard waste — which includes leaves — is collected weekly April 1 through the last refuse pickup in November. All yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags or in a rigid container no larger than 32 gallons, clearly marked Yard Waste.

Bella Lee- Changing LeavesBrush and branches must be in bundles no longer than 4 feet and tied with biodegradable string or twine; no wire.

Yard waste cannot contain any garbage, litter, rocks, sod or dirt.

Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, trimmings, branches and other material accumulated as the result of the care of lawns, shrubs and trees. Due to leaf decomposition, yard waste can not be placed in plastic bags nor can it be placed out for regular waste pick up.

Yard Waste does not include flower arrangements, house plants, garden plants, pumpkins, bales of straw/hay, cornstalks, dirt, or sod. These items will be taken as trash and should be placed these items in a plastic trash bag.

Composting facilities accept landscape waste only until November 30th. Additionally, it is illegal in the state of Illinois to mix trash and leaves due to the intense heat both create which creates a fire hazard both at the landfill and in the trucks.

Click here for more information.

West Dundee

Fall Leaf Collection

The village’s annual Leaf Collection Program will begin on or about Oct. 16 and continue until approximately Nov. 30, weather depending.

Beginning Oct. 14, please rake leaves into the street approximately one foot from the curb. Be sure the pile consists of leaves only, and is free of sticks, rocks and other debris that will damage leaf collection equipment.

Click here for leaf collection rules.