Kane County Waiving Damage Assessment Permit Fees For Flood-Damaged Homes

Kane County Waiving Damage Assessment Permit Fees For Flood-Damaged Homes

Kane County is waiving its damage assessment permit fees for structures impacted by recent flooding.

The Kane County Development and Community Services Department announced last week that it is waiving fees for a Damage Assessment Permit, which is required for addressing flood-damaged buildings. Normally, there’s a $50 damage assessment fee, but this fee is waived because of Kane County’s Declaration of Disaster.

“Many residents and business owners will be dealing with the aftermath of recent flooding in our area as they begin to assess the damage to their properties and buildings,” said Kane County Development Director Mark VanKerkhoff. “The Kane County Development and Community Services Department is committed to working with those impacted by the Fox River flooding, and wants to remind residents and businesses in unincorporated Kane County with building damage from flood waters that a Damage Assessment Permit is required for addressing flood-damaged buildings.”

Residents are strongly encouraged to apply for a Damage Assessment Permit as soon as possible so that the county’s inspectors can coordinate their inspections with each permit applicant’s insurance agent or adjuster.

The two-step permit process described below will help ensure that buildings are repaired or reconstructed in a safe and timely manner.

Step 1: Damage Assessment Permit

This permit is required to assist you to quickly evaluate the extent of the damage and determine the scope of repair and reconstruction that may be necessary. The following are required for the application:

In addition, the following may be required after the permit is issued:

  • Copies of reports from fire department, insurance agent or adjuster.
  • Report from an architect or structural engineer addressing structural items.
  • Reports or certifications for mold remediation and/or other work on vacant buildings.

Step 2: Permits for Repair, Rehabilitation or Reconstruction

Once the extent of the damage and the scope of the repairs have been determined, additional permits and fees may be required. The types of permits, submittals and fees will vary depending on the extent of the work.

The building inspector will work with you to determine what additional permits may be required.

For more information, please contact Kane County’s Building & Zoning Division at 630-232-3485.