St. Charles Police Department Offers Internet Safe-Transaction Locations

St. Charles Police Department Offers Internet Safe-Transaction Locations

Apparently, this is a thing: Internet purchase safe exchange zones.

They’ve been popping up at police departments across the country for more than a year now — safe havens where people who made transactions on Craigslist or elsewhere can meet up and make their purchase without the threat of getting beaten up or taken to the cleaners. The idea is that the Police Department is a safer place to make those exchanges than just about anywhere, so why not do it there?

According to Craigslist, Lake in the Hills has a safe-transaction spot. (CREDIT: Craigslist)

And now there’s an official purchase-safe zone in St. Charles, and the service extends right into the parking lot.

The St. Charles Police Department has designated two parking spots outside the police station as “Internet Purchase Exchange Locations” for residents to safely conduct transactions made online. The spots are indicated with signage.

The lobby of the police station will continue to serve as a safe place for conducting these transactions, as well.

Both the lobby and parking spots are monitored by security cameras, and their close proximity to police personnel means residents can meet there with confidence.

“When using Internet sale and exchange sites, we encourage you to keep safety in mind,” said Police Chief James Keegan. “If you need to set up a meeting to perform an exchange or transaction with someone online, you can choose the police station as a safe and secure location to do so.”

For more information about the safe exchange locations or Internet safety, contact Crime Prevention Officer James Burden at 630.443.3835 or

SOURCE: St. Charles Police Department news release