Geneva Police, Fire Departments To Conduct July 20 Active Shooter Response Training at Heartland School

Geneva Police, Fire Departments To Conduct July 20 Active Shooter Response Training at Heartland School

The Geneva Police and Fire departments will be conducting active shooter response training from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, July 20, at Heartland Elementary School, 3300 Heartland Drive.

Being done in coordination with Geneva Community Unit School District 304, the training will focus on a potential response to an active shooting incident with an emphasis on a unified approach. The exercise will feature emergency vehicles from both departments, and sirens and fire alarms may be activated as part of the training.

The school and surrounding area will be closed to the public during this time to ensure the safety of emergency responders and neighbors. The neighborhood is bordered by South Peck Road, Keslinger Road and Randall Road on the far west side of Geneva.

Signs will be posted around the school property to alert residents of the exercise and training boundaries. The public should avoid the school grounds until the training exercise is complete and all emergency vehicles have left the area.

In recent years, this sort of training has become more and more necessary. According to the FBI statistics, there were 40 active shooter incidents between 2014-15. These numbers are higher than any two-year average this century and are six times greater than active shooting incidents taking place in 2000-01.

This training is intended to help emergency personnel respond appropriately and anticipate the ever changing circumstances of an active shooter situation. The Geneva Police and Fire departments work very closely following the standardized Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training national model.

Geneva’s public safety agencies appreciate the public’s understanding and patience as they participate in this vital emergency response training.

People interested in having a workplace violence/active shooter preparedness presentation at their school or place of business can call Geneva Police Administrative Sgt. Eli Rivera at 630-232-4736.

SOURCE: city of Geneva news release