Made in Kane: Batavia's Doran Scales Weighs In With 'A Better Idea'

Made in Kane: Batavia’s Doran Scales Weighs In With ‘A Better Idea’

A large national baking company is averaging one bad batch a week due to errors in the minor ingredient hand adds …

A manufacturer of spaghetti and other cooking sauces realizes that the recipes are not being followed, consistency is varying and inventory usage is always incorrect, costing the company thousands of dollars  …

A producer of margarine and other non-dairy spreads is using hand recordings transcribed onto Excel spreadsheets to verify quality-control procedures, wasting hundreds of hours of company time  …

Who weighs in when companies need to fix problems like these?

Doran Scales, Inc., 1315 Paramount Parkway, Batavia, IL.

Starting With a Better Idea

According to Doran Scales’ website, it all started with a better idea …

In 1976, as microprocessor technology was revolutionizing the electronics industry, the originators of the Doran scale design, located right here in Batavia, IL, began manufacturing a highly specialized electronic laboratory grain scale. Sold under a private label, the device met the exacting requirements of the National Bureau of Standards and was approved for use by USDA/FGIS grain inspectors.

This success led to the development of the first series of industrial electronic scales manufactured and marketed under the Doran Scales name and, as they say, the rest is history.

These scales, the Doran 4100 Over/Under Series, were designed to perform with repeatable accuracy in the hostile washdown environments found in the food processing industry. The Doran 4100 gained immediate recognition for its speed, durability, and ease of use — a reputation still growing as the industry’s leading stainless steel scale.

Today, Doran is at the forefront of technology, with a variety of software products as well as state-of-the-art machines like the In-Motion Checkweigher — Selecta Series, which can operate at speeds of up to 240 pieces per minute and uses the same operating system that NASA relies on to guide resupply shuttles from Earth to the International Space Station and to guide robotic vehicles on Mars.

The single most instrumental factor that established Doran’s strong position in a market previously dominated by a handful of old, established scale manufacturers was a deceptively simple idea: “Provide the best customer service in the industry.”

“Every customer is treated as if he or she were our only customer,” said Mark Podl, CEO of Doran Scales. “That focus accounts for our policy of shipping stock scales the same day they are ordered. It accounts for our two-year warranty covering both parts and labor. It is why we do so much repeat business with our satisfied customers.”

What, Exactly, Does Doran Scales ‘Make in Kane’?

The list of products made by Doran Scales, Inc. is almost too long to count. The company makes …

Industrial scales, including checkweigher scales, complete scale systems, digital weight indicators, scale bases, scale printers, portable floor scales and airline baggage scales, to name just a few …

Washdown-safe scales that stand up to water, including but not limited to formula control systems, bench scales, and portion scales …

Commercial food scales designed to ensure consistent quality, reduce product giveaway and waste, and increase profits …

Scale communications software, including data communications, data collection and quality control software and …

Medical scales, including infant scales, physician scales, handrail scales, wheelchair scales and many, many more.

Adaptability Keeps Them Growing

By design, Doran Scales offers the industry’s most varied selection of “off-the-shelf” options. Its wide range of tower heights, platform sizes, custom indicators, user-programmable options, and software makes it possible to put a Doran scale to work in almost any industrial or commercial application without special engineering.

So, the next time you need a new or replacement scale for any weighing application — from .0002 pounds to 1,000 pounds — or for special tasks such as checkweighing, batching, or grading, call your Doran dealer.

They’ll show you how easily and cost effectively a “Made in Kane” Doran scale will fit your needs.

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