Geneva School District 304: Don't Believe 'Touch Down Sports' Scam

Geneva School District 304: Don’t Believe ‘Touch Down Sports’ Scam

Geneva School District 304 and the Geneva Police Department are warning residents that a company that goes by the name Touch Down Sports has been contacting local businesses to solicit sponsorships on behalf of Geneva Community High School.

The company claims that specific coaches asked them to contact the business for a sponsorship and then asks the business to provide credit card information.

“Please be aware that Geneva Community High School is in no way affiliated with Touch Down Sports and has not authorized it to pursue sponsors,” school officials said. “By all accounts, Touch Down Sports is working a scam. Please do not share your credit card information with this company.”

The Geneva Police Department has placed calls to Touch Down Sports to cease all activities on behalf of the high school.

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SOURCE: Geneva Community School District 304 and the city of Geneva