Local Police: 18-Year-Old Charged in 'Facebook Beating' Was Not a Carpentersville Resident

Local Police: 18-Year-Old Charged in ‘Facebook Beating’ Was Not a Carpentersville Resident

The Carpentersville Police Department says one of the four people charged in the so-called “Facebook beating” incident is most likely not a resident of Carpentersville, as was reported by Chicago police.

Carpentersville Police Chief Michael Kilbourne sent a news release this afternoon (Thursday Jan. 5, 2017) saying the Chicago Police Department had identified Jordan Hill, 18, of Carpentersville as one of the four individuals facing multiple charges related to the beating and torture of an 18-year-old Crystal Lake man that was streamed live on Facebook.

“Upon investigation, the Carpentersville Police Department has found no information to confirm that Hill is or was a Carpentersville resident,” the release said.

The Carpentersville Police Department is not actively involved in the investigation that led to the criminal charges filed today in Chicago.

“However, the Carpentersville Police Department has reached out to the Chicago Police Department to offer assistance on the identification of Hill, but has not yet received a response,” the news release said as of about 2:08 p.m.

Hill, Brittany Covington, Tesfaye Cooper and Tanishia Covington face charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Brittany Covington and Cooper are both 18, Tanishia Covington of Chicago is 24.

Graphic Facebook video shows four individuals torturing the 18-year-old man, who earlier this week had been reported missing by his Crystal Lake parents. The video shows the victim, bound and with his mouth taped shut, being cut, punched, stomped and ridiculed.

The story has received national and international attention and has been categorized as a hate crime.

In addition to the charges mentioned above, Hill was charged with robbery, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and residential burglary. Brittany Covington and Cooper also have been charged with residential burglary.

SOURCE: Carpentersville Police Department news release

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