How to Submit an Article to Kane County Connects

How to Submit an Article to Kane County Connects

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Kane County Connects welcomes news releases from established, reliable sources, including local units of government (countywide departments and elected offices, cities and villages, school districts, police and fire departments, park districts, libraries, townships), public-private partnerships, chambers of commerce, businesses, clubs and organizations and non-profits that have news or information that will be of value and interest to a countywide audience.

For any post, we need three elements at minimum: copy-worthy text, a link to the source website and an image. The best feature image is horizontal and at least 800 pixels wide — about the size of a business card on a standard laptop screen. Additional photos, YouTube video, maps or graphics are welcomed. All submitted images must be copyright-free.

Content must be non-political in nature, in good taste and for the benefit of the citizens of Kane County. Preferred content will be timely, well-written, easy to convert into WordPress story form and aimed at continuing Kane County’s historic legacy as a great place to live, work and play.

To submit an article for consideration, e-mail

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