Kane County Communities Issue Winter Driving, Parking Reminders

Kane County Communities Issue Winter Driving, Parking Reminders

With snow in the forecast, communities throughout Kane County are reminding residents about parking regulations to ensure plowing operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Below are just two news releases sent by Kane County cities as precursors to the weather event expected to drop 6 inches to 8 inches of snow on Saturday and Sunday.

To find out more about the parking regulations in your community, visit the police department and public works pages of your city’s website. You can find links to municipal and township websites on the “communities” page of the Kane County site.



When road conditions become hazardous, Geneva streets that are posted with “Snow Route” signage are cleared of snow and ice first. Snow routes are typically streets that have a large volume of traffic and higher speed limits. Parking on all snow routes is prohibited when the snowfall exceeds 2 inches or more.

Photo by Kathryn Kuzlik Hofmann‎. Mill and Randall Road, Batavia

Once snow routes have been cleared of snow and ice, crews will then target residential streets, alleys, cul-de-sacs and dead-ends. Parking is not permitted on these secondary streets when there is a snowfall of 3 inches or more.

During a major snowstorm, secondary streets will receive one pass in each direction to provide access for motorists and emergency vehicles. When the snowfall has ended, all streets will be plowed curb-to-curb.

It is strongly recommended residents move their cars from the streets when a snow storm is forecasted to avoid being ticketed or having their vehicles towed. Parking is not permitted on secondary streets at any time within 12 hours following a snowfall of 3 inches or more or until a street has been plowed to the curb.

During major snow events, people can find plowing updates posted on the city’s website at www.geneva.il.us. Those updates also can be received via email or text message by clicking the “Notify Me” tab and selecting “Community Alerts.” Information also will be available on the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In the event of a light snowfall of less than an inch — and plowing operations are not necessary — salt will be lightly applied to snow routes, schools, hills, curves and intersections with stop signs.

Geneva plows 244 total lane miles during a snow storm. More information about the Geneva’s snow plowing operations can be found on the City’s website. Residents concerned about plowing on a particular street can contact the Public Works Department directly through the City’s online request tracker under the “Report a Concern” tab.

SOURCE: city of Geneva news release




With winter weather in the forecast including likely snow this weekend, Aurora Police are reminding motorists that driving at this time of the year requires extra precautions behind the wheel — especially slowing down and driving defensively.

snow storm driving winter HORIZONTAL A Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.59.41 AMPolice say that speed reduction in the ice and snow can go a long way in cutting down the number of crashes that typically accompany bad weather. Motorists should pay special attention on bridges, overpasses, and intersections, where slick spots may form. They add that headlights and windshield wipers should always be used, there should be plenty of gas in the tank, and windows cleared of snow, ice, and frost before driving a vehicle. In addition, a professional mechanic should inspect vehicles regularly to assure they are in good driving condition.

Aurora Police are also reminding residents of the city’s snowfall ordinance which was enacted to assure safe and effective snow plowing. It dictates the ticketing and possible towing of any vehicle parked on a public street or alley during or after a snowfall of two inches or more. Failure to comply can lead to a ticket and vehicle tow that will cost a minimum of $150.00, plus applicable storage and release fees, depending on the time of the infraction.

City streets and alleyways are not considered plowed until the lane of traffic nearest the curb has been cleared. 291 vehicles were ticketed last year in Aurora for violating the snowfall ordinance despite the relatively mild winter. Motorists should be extra careful when interacting with snow plows on city streets by staying at least 75 feet behind the plows and never attempting to pass them.

Aurora_Police_badgeWinter weather also tends to spike the number of vehicles that are stolen while left running unattended.  Police say these present a prime opportunity for thieves who have the ability to steal the vehicles in a matter of seconds. Although it may be inviting to make sure a car is warm before leaving home, police ask motorists to use common sense and to not leave the vehicle running unattended — whether or not the doors are locked. They point out that, even with the doors locked, a window can easily be broken giving a thief access to the running vehicle.

Police say that, frequently, stolen cars and trucks are used in the commission of other crimes such as drive-by shootings and hit-and-run accidents. They also say that many insurance companies will not cover losses due to the negligence of the owner— including leaving a vehicle running unattended. Police officers can also issue citations if they come across an unattended, running motor vehicle on public property.

Similarly, not matter what the weather, Aurora Police are underscoring the importance of making sure keys are never left in vehicles, that doors are always locked, and valuables are stowed out of plain site. The vast majority of stolen vehicles have been unsecured and a set of keys left in the vehicle. Along the same lines, most vehicles that are burglarized are also unlocked and have purses, electronics and other valuables left on seats, floors and other areas where they can be easily seen by thieves.

SOURCE: city of Aurora news release

North Aurora

For more information about the coming snow storm or to receive weather updates, follow the National Weather Service Chicago on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NWSChicago or go to www.weather.gov/chicago.

North Aurora Winter Parking Restrictions

Winter street parking restrictions are currently in effect. Parking on village streets after a 2-inch snowfall is not allowed until snow is plowed to the curb. 

Public Works personnel will be working hard to clear the streets but they need your cooperation as vehicles parked on the street slow down the plows and drain police resources needed to remove them. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and may be towed, causing a minimum fine of $50 and tow fees that exceed $100. If you suspect your vehicle was towed from the street during snow removal, call the police department at (630) 897-8705.

Please move vehicles off of the roadway until the snowstorm is over and plowing is complete.

SOURCE: Village of North Aurora Nixel alert