Kane County Electronics Recycling Redux Off to a Great Start

Kane County Electronics Recycling Redux Off to a Great Start

Kane County’s electronics recycling redux is off to a great start at its southern-Kane drop-off site at the former Kane County Jail property in Batavia. A second dropoff-site opening is set for Monday (Sept. 19) at the former public works facility at 735 Martin Drive in South Elgin and a third on Sept. 26 at West Dundee’s Public Works Department facility at 900 Angle Tarn.

Kane County recycling monthly events resume from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Kane County Branch Court office at 540 S. Randall Road.


Apparently, the Batavia drop-off at 517 E. Fabyan Parkway is working “like buttah,” as the Mike Myers character used to say on the old SNL “Coffee Talk” bit. Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland said everything is running smoothly, with more than 80 people using the drop-off so far this week.

Jarland also had high praise for eWorks, the county’s nonprofit contractor, which is providing staff for electronic recycling events and drop-offs — plus all supplies, transportation, processing and recycling — for no cost to county or its partners.

Drop-off hours of operation at the Fabyan site are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Monday through Friday.

Jarland recommends residents use the convenient daily drop-off locations if you wish to avoid waiting in line at the collection event.

“Not only is it more ecologically responsible to avoid idling for long periods, but spreading the volume of electronics between sites will help the county maintain a professional level of service at the one-day collection events,” she said.

Cost for Recycling TVs and Monitors

electronics-recycling-c-dscn2585Jarland recommends residents pay online in advance (see the E-Z four-step process illustrated below) to save time and asks that you bring your receipt to any drop-off or the collection event, though the fee may be paid onsite by exact cash or card.

There will be a fee for TVs and computer monitors — both tube and flat screen — across the board for all drop-off locations and at the monthly recycling event. All other acceptable electronic items can be dropped off for free.

The fee is $25 for screens 20 inches and under (measured diagonally) and $35 for screens 21 inches and over.

The fee that you pay for screened equipment goes directly to the county’s contracted electronics recycler, eWorks, a non-profit whose main mission is to employ developmentally disabled individuals.

Please visit the Kane County Recycles webpage frequently to find the most current updates on the program.

Questions? Contact Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland at 630-208-3841 or recycle@countyofkane.org.

SOURCE: Kane County Recycles news release

How to Pay Online

Here’s how easy it is to pay the electronics recycling fee online.

STEP 1: Go to the Kane County Recycles website, click on “Pay online in advance HERE.”


STEP 2: Fill in the fields for quantity and size, and click PROCEED.


STEP 3: Choose your preferred method of payment. Confirm your purchase and …


… this is what you’ll see:


STEP 4: After that, print out your receipt and take it to the recycling drop-off!


About Kane County Recycles

kane-county-recycles-logo-smallThe Kane County Recycles office manages recycling programs for electronics, books, hazardous materials, and other hard-to-recycle materials, and promotes best practices for household recycling, commercial business recycling, and composting. This office oversees recycling-related information and community outreach initiatives, oversees the annual licensing of Waste and Recycling Haulers, provides backyard compost bins, and implements the Kane County Solid Waste Plan. The office oversees the Recycling and Hauler Licensing Ordinance which requires commercial businesses and multi-family residences to recycle, and provides the provisions for hauler licensing and reporting.

For all you ever needed to know about recycling in Kane County see the Kane County Recycles webpage and also sign up here to receive an electronic copy of the new Green Guide each spring.