ROE Pilot Program Gives Jailed Youths a Shot at College

ROE Pilot Program Gives Jailed Youths a Shot at College


A new partnership between the Regional Office of Education, the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center and Elgin Community College will launch Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Two dual-credit courses will be offered to a  select group of students, including College 101 and General Student Development 120.

“College 101 will teach self-management and self-awareness, while general student development is intended to aid students to learn more about occupational fields that are closely related to academic training,” said Darlene Harris, instructor from Elgin Community College. 

Regional Superintendent Patricia Dal Santo explained that ECC has been extremely receptive and has been working with the ROE since March to develop this summer pilot program.

 “We needed to partner with an organization that would be willing to work outside of the campus in a new environment like the Juvenile Justice Center,” Dal Santo said.

The students chosen to participate this semester in dual-credit courses were identified by their quality work habits, as well as the likelihood they would be at the JJC for the duration of the course offering. Director of Professional Development Shirley LeClere described her hope to give students the opportunity for career and college experiences.

“As students transition back to their home school and community, they will have experienced success, and therefore will seek out additional career paths and college opportunities,” said LeClere. “With the help of Dr. Elizabeth Roeger, dean of developmental education and college transitions at ECC, this program will give students ages 14 and up a chance to mature.”

Three electives will also be offered this summer for students, as well as English, social studies, math and science classes.

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