900 Cars Served, 20 Tons of Stuff Collected at June Recycling Extravaganza

900 Cars Served, 20 Tons of Stuff Collected at June Recycling Extravaganza

Giant TVs were not on the list of items being accepted at the 2016 Kane County Recycling Extravaganza, but the event was still an “extravaganza” in every sense of the word, with more than 900 vehicles served during four hours on Saturday, June 11.

The extravaganza included document shredding, and accepted bicycles, books, 4-foot florescent tubes, mobility devices such as walkers and wheelchairs, and packing material including Styrofoam, packing peanuts and bubble wrap, and liquid latex paint. Overall, residents brought in more than 20 tons of material for recycling or reuse.

tubes recycle 2016Here’s a list of the companies that participated, the stuff they recycled and what they did or will do with the recycled materials they collected:

  • Accurate Document Shredding — three trucks full of confidential documents.
  • Chicago Logistic Services — 460 cubic feet of Styrofoam and packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
  • Earth Paint Collection Systems — more than 600 cans of liquid latex paint, which will be reused or repurposed into plastic latex products such as new 5-gallon paint buckets.
  • Fluorecycle, Inc. — thousands of fluorescent tubes collected for proper disposal.
  • Pacesetter Books — 8,830 pounds of books for reuse and recycling, of which the Illinois Youth Center took about 200 pounds for reuse.
  • Working Bikes — 10 bikes, seven helmets, three pairs of crutches, three wheel chairs, four sewing machines.

“Thank you to all of the volunteers and also to the partners who provided excellent service!” Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland said.

Got a recycling question? Contact Jarland at recycle@countyofkane.org or 630-208-3841.

About Kane County Recycles

Recycles Recycling Logo SMThe Kane County Recycles office manages recycling programs for electronics, books, hazardous materials, and other hard-to-recycle materials, and promotes best practices for household recycling, commercial business recycling, and composting. This office oversees recycling-related information and community outreach initiatives, oversees the annual licensing of Waste and Recycling Haulers, provides backyard compost bins, and implements the Kane County Solid Waste Plan. The office oversees the Recycling and Hauler Licensing Ordinance which requires commercial businesses and multi-family residences to recycle, and provides the provisions for hauler licensing and reporting.

For all you ever needed to know about recycling in Kane County see the Kane County Recycles webpage and also sign up here to receive an electronic copy of the new Green Guide each spring.