We're Having a COW (Literally, on Tuesday) Over This Virtual Farmland Protection Tour

We’re Having a COW (Literally, on Tuesday) Over This Virtual Farmland Protection Tour

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We’re having COW over farmland protection in Kane County, and you’re invited to take part in a virtual tour.

Kane County will offer a “Virtual Bus Farm Tour” at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016, in the Kane County Board room, Building A in the Government Center in Geneva.

farmland soil virtual tour image002“Join staff members Mark VanKerkhoff, Janice Hill and Matt Tansley as they offer a visual presentation of Kane county’s agricultural areas,” Kane County planners said in a Friday teaser for the event.

Maps, aerial photography, still photography and graphics will tell the story of Kane County’s history of protecting its valuable agricultural soils and land use, while featuring some of the concentrations of protected farms within the county.

Kane County has an award-winning farmland protection program created by the Kane County Board that permanently protects farms. This is a voluntary program, and more than 5,000 acres has been protected since 2001.

The Virtual Bus Tour will also feature some of Kane County’s smaller farms growing local produce and will describe how the market demand for locally grown foods is increasing and how Kane County farmers are scaling up to meet the demand.

Click on this link to learn more about the Kane County Farmland Protection program.

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SOURCE: Kane County Farmland Protection