Committee Recommends Next Phases of Settler's Hill Cross Country Course

Committee Recommends Next Phases of Settler’s Hill Cross Country Course


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The Kane County Development Committee on Tuesday recommended the county move forward with the next phases of engineering for a proposed cross country facility at the former Settler’s Hill Landfill site.

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John Martin

The propose resolution was brought forward by 11th District County Board member John Martin of Geneva, who said new estimates of the cost — and potential profits — of operating the course now indicate the course could be making money within five years. Revenue would come primarily through fees generated from hosting local, regional and national cross-country events at the proposed, championship-level facility.

A unique aspect of the course is that its topography would allow fans to watch the event virtually from start to finish. The viewing area would be at the top of the landfill, while the course would ring around the landfill. (See map below.)

The new facility would be located directly west of the Fifth Third Bank Ballpark and adjacent to the existing Settler’s Hill Golf Course. The effort and course should put it in a position to attract local users as well as visitors regional and potentially national to Kane County for events, according to a preliminary plan presented in June by Hunden Strategic Partners.

The resolution, which must be approved by the full County Board before it would go into effect, would give the green light to Phase 2 and Phase 3 engineering. Phase 2 would provide more-detailed preliminary design plans and landfill permitting requirements and Phase 3 would provide final engineering plans. Weaver Consultants Group would complete the work for an amount not to exceed $180,000.

The most recent Settler’s Hill Financial Project indicates five events would take place the first year, with a total attendance of 20,625 and operating revenue estimated at $75,000. That same year, operating expenses were estimated at $102,000, for a net loss of $27,000.

By the fifth fiscal year, the projection calls for 11 events, with total attendance of 53,625 and revenue estimated at $150,000. Total operation expenditures for that fifth year are estimated at $147,000, for a net profit of $3,000.

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Language of Proposed Resolution For Cross Country Course Engineering



WHEREAS, the County of Kane, along with the Kane County Forest Preserve District, have a significant real estate holding generally bounded by Fabyan Parkway to the south, Kirk Road to the east, the Union Pacific Railroad to the north, and Route 25 to the west (“the Fabyan/Settler’s Hill Complex”); and

WHEREAS, on October 9, 2012, the Kane County Board adopted the Settler’s Hill Master Plan in accordance with the recommendation of the Fabyan Parkway Utilization Subcommittee for the Fabyan Property Complex, and began the implementation of this Master Plan; and

WHEREAS, Phase I Engineering Design has been completed by Weaver Boos Consultants (know Weaver Consultants Group), this included an updated site plan that depicts the general improvements required to develop the proposed Settler’s Hill Cross Country Course and Trail. Once Phase I Engineering Design was completed Kane County moved forward and completed the Market and Feasibility Study (Hunden Strategic Partners), this included an analysis of local, regional and national cross-country usage and events, the local market supply and demand for courses and event types, and existing conditions on the site; and

WHEREAS, the County of Kane deems it appropriate to proceed forward with Phase 2 Engineering which will provide more detailed preliminary design plans and landfill permitting requirements and Phase 3 Engineering which will provide final engineering plans; and

WHEREAS, adequate funds have been budgeted and are available for this phase of the proposed Settler’s Hill Cross Country Course and Trail implementation as part of the long-range Settler’s Hill Master Plan Complex; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Kane County Board that the Chairman is hereby authorized to enter into an agreement with Weaver Consultants Group, to complete the Phase 2 and 3 Engineering for the proposed Settler’s Hill Cross Country Course and Trail for a dollar amount not to exceed One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollars ($180,000.00). Said expenses shall be charged to budget line 650.670.670.50150, Contracts/Consulting Services.

Passed by the Kane County Board on December 8, 2015.

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