United Way of Elgin, ComEd Build Learning Trail at Copper Springs Park

United Way of Elgin, ComEd Build Learning Trail at Copper Springs Park

On Wednesday, May 27, volunteers with Excelon/ComEd’s Employee Giving Campaign will install a second Born Learning Trail at Copper Springs Park, 380 Copper Springs Lane in Elgin. The Copper Springs Trail is sponsored by Advocate Sherman Hospital and Elgin Academy. The first trail was installed last fall at Channing Park, thanks to the city of Elgin, One Hope United, and Elgin Community College volunteers.The Born Learning Trail is a series of learning activities that any adult can play with young children in nature’s classroom.

Based on the latest early childhood research and approved by national early learning experts through United Way Worldwide, the Born Learning Trail is designed to help adults interact with children to boost language and literacy development antrail leaning Elgin uprightd to help caregivers understand how to best support early learning in outdoor everyday moments.

There are 10 signs on the Born Learning Trail, each including activities such as Imagine! Create! Pretend! which encourages the caregiver to spur the child’s imagination and storytelling skills, building the child’s curiosity and confidence and See! Say! Point! Read! which builds letter and sound recognition through word play and rhymes.

“The Born Learning Trail promotes fun and games — important components of early childhood learning,” said Lynne Bosley, CEO of United Way of Elgin. “Research tells us children are literally ‘born learning.’ That means five years of education take place before they ever enter kindergarten. We know that what happens in a child’s early years matters — for success in life and for school readiness. And we want to help parents, grandparents and caregivers use everyday outings — including trips to Copper Springs and Channing Parks — to support that learning.”

Education is also a priority for the City of Elgin. “There is nothing more important than education, and the earlier we instill these values, the better positioned our community will be for the future,” said Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain. “Born Learning Trails provide access to positive, healthy and fun activities, giving parents and grandparents a chance to bond and grow with the young children in their lives.”

SOURCE: United Way of Elgin press release