Top 10 Kane County Property Tax Payers: Can You Guess Who They Are?

Top 10 Kane County Property Tax Payers: Can You Guess Who They Are?

  • Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of articles on Kane County Connects regarding the 2014 property tax bill that will be sent out to Kane County residents, starting April 24, 2015. You can also see your tax bill online starting on or about April 20. Subsequent articles will look at an estimate of the average property tax bill by township, plus where the property tax money comes from and where it goes.


Why should we care about the top Kane County taxpayers of 2014 (payable 2015)?

Of course, there’s simple curiosity. It’s always interesting to know where the big parcels are and who the big players might be in our neck of the woods.

“People love top 10 lists,” Kane County Treasurer David Rickert said.

Probably, people like you and me are interested because of the scope and comparison. The top property-taxpayer in Kane County will fork over more than $5.4 million with this year’s tax bill.

“It lets people feel a little better about the $4,000 or $5,000 tax bill they got in the mail,” Rickert suggested.

Perhaps, there’s even a little bit of gratitude. These property taxes help pay for schools and libraries and fire protection districts and parks and all kinds of good stuff that we sometimes take for granted.

They also take some of the property tax burden off of folks like you and me, who own humble homes in Kane County and pay our fair share of property taxes. Every time a big player pays a big bill, it’s that much less out of the pocket of you and me.

Just as an FYI, the Top 10 list is reprinted from the Treasurer’s Office press release. The background info is from a simple Internet search.

Top 10 Kane County Tax Payers

#1 Simon/Chelsea Chicago Development: $5,422,470

Aurora Premium Outlets

The Simon Property Group, owner of the Chicago Premium Outlet Mall in Aurora is the No. 1 property-taxpayer in Kane County. Among the tax-district beneficiaries is Batavia School District 101. The retirement of a Tax Increment Financing District that included the outlet mall resulted in a bit of a windfall for the School District as well as a decrease in the average homeowner’s property tax bill, according to the School District website.

#2 Liberty Illinois LP: $4,085,712

industrial property

Liberty Illinois LLC is “one of the nation’s largest publicly traded office and industrial real estate companies with more than 40 years experience in development, management and leasing of commercial property.” It owns a variety of industrial properties in Kane County, including property in North Auroa, Aurora, Batavia and St. Charles.

#3 Geneva Commons, LLC: $3,336,242


A 2013 article in Craines says LaSalle Investment Management acquired the Geneva Commons. I don’t know from the Internet search whether that company is still the owner. Wikipedia says it’s operated by MidAmerica Asset Management, Inc.

The Commons is, of course, the upscale lifestyle center on Randall Road in Geneva.

#4 Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.: $3,239,198

Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. is located at 2350 Sequoia Drive in Aurora. It is “the North American Toyota sales, marketing, and distribution subsidiary devoted to the U.S. market,” according to Wikipedia.

#5 Spring Hill Mall, LLC: $2,016,808

Spring Hill Mall is located at 1072 Spring Hill Ring Road, West Dundee, and is “more than a mall,” according to its website. “We see the center of a community. At Spring Hill Mall, we are committed to creating a mall experience that meets the ever-changing needs of our community.”

#6 Algonquin Commons LLC: $2,016,301

Algonquin Commons looks a lot like Geneva Commons and is located at 1900 S Randall Road, Algonquin.

#7 John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.: $1,854,192

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc. is “a global source for nuts, committed to quality, expertise and innovation that delivers an unmatched experience to our customer and consumer,” according to its website.

#8 Q Center LLC: $1,365,290

The Q Center in St. Charles is the former home of Arthur Andersen and is the “premier Chicago conference center not because of our amenities or dining (although delicious), or our custom meeting spaces—it’s because we are a dedicated team of professionals focused on just one thing: making your team better than when they arrived.”

#9 ALDI Inc.: $1,236,493

ALDI Inc., located at 1200 N. Kirk Road, Batavia, is “the nation’s leading low-price grocer, (and) operates nearly 1,300 stores in 32 states.”

#10 AMLI at St. Charles LLC: $1,227,806

AMLI at ST. Charles is “one of the preeminent multifamily companies in the nation. AMLI is focused on the development, acquisition and management of luxury apartment communities across the United States,” according to its website.

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