Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund Budget: $918,000 — Funding Applications Now Available

Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund Budget: $918,000 — Funding Applications Now Available

The Kane County Office of Community Reinvestment has announced that applications for 2015 Grand Victoria Riverboat funds are now available. The Kane County Board has budgeted $918,000 for the initiative, which supports projects that help strengthen Kane County communities and improve the quality of life for area residents.

Every year, the Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund provides gap funding for activities that address local needs in the areas of education, the environment and economic development. Non-profit organizations and units of local government are eligible to apply for funding.

Applications must be prepared and submitted using the county’s web-based application portal, hosted by ZoomGrants.  The submission deadline is midnight, Monday, May 4, 2015.

Projects will be evaluated for their effectiveness at meeting the needs of area residents, leveraging other funding, readiness to proceed, and overall community impact and urgency.

The staff of the Kane County Office of Community Reinvestment is available to answer questions regarding application procedures, project eligibility requirements, and the Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund in general. The staff contact is Project Manager Chris Dall, who can be reached at 630-444-3048 and

The Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund was established by the Kane County Board in 1997 under an agreement with the Elgin Riverboat Resort (Grand Victoria Riverboat). The agreement provides for an annual contribution to the county equal to 7.5 percent of the casino’s annual net operating income.  Since its inception, the county has received more than $137 million from the Grand Victoria Riverboat, which it has distributed to a wide array of projects and programs sponsored by non-profits, municipalities and the county itself.

For more info on the program, visit the Office of Community Reinvestment’s program page.

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