Dog + Gnu = Genevan Wins Sunday's NPR Puzzle Challenge

Dog + Gnu = Genevan Wins Sunday’s NPR Puzzle Challenge

You know Will Shortz, right? The guy who’s the puzzle editor for the New York Times and must be a billionaire based on the observation that he has about that many (a billion) books on the shelves at Barnes & noble and just about every bookstore in the the good old USA? You know, that guy?

Well, he also apparently has a show on NPR on Sunday about (Who would have figured it?) Sunday puzzles.

Anyway, it turns out that the winner this week is from Kane County — specifically, sleepy enchanting Geneva, IL, and here’s a taste of what went down on Sunday. Needless to say, Michael Kurh, Geneva, IL, is my new hero.

What we’ve reprinted below is a little bit of a teaser. To read the whole transcript from the show, click on this link.

And for even more, visit the NPR website.

On-air challenge: Every answer today is a word starting with the letters A-R, which you will identify from its anagram. For example, given AR plus ROB, the answer would be “arbor.”

Last week’s challenge: Name two animals, both mammals, one of them domestic, the other wild. Put their letters together, and rearrange the result to name another mammal, this one wild, and not seen naturally around North America. What mammal is it?

Answer: dog + gnu = dugong

Winner: Michael Kurh, Geneva, Ill.