PHOTO SLIDE SHOW: Kane County Swears In New Sheriff, County Board Members

PHOTO SLIDE SHOW: Kane County Swears In New Sheriff, County Board Members

Twelve Kane County Board members — including three new to the board — and one new sheriff were sworn in Monday morning, issuing a new era for local government.

The three new board members are Donald Ishmael of District 3, Willliam Lenert of District 5 and John Martin of District 11.

A Kane County Sheriff’s Office color guard posted the colors, and former Kane County Sheriff George Kramer, who served from 1978 to 1986 and is the father of incoming Sheriff Don Kramer, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Sixteenth Circuit Court Chief Judge Judith Brawka administered the oath of office to the elected officials, in groups and individually.

The Rev. Dr. Peter Spiro of Saint Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church in Aurora, who is also chaplain and auxiliary deputy of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office as well as an honorary colonel in the U.S. Army 75th Division, said the opening prayer.

“This past week, we gave thanks for so many blessings, as we sat with family and friends. Now we embrace this new season of joy and giving. It is with this same spirit of thanksgiving, joy, and philanthropy that we come together this morning,” he said.

“We are thankful for this county and all the newly elected and incumbent officials who begin and continue their unique and special service to the people of this area. We are filled with joy, embracing the talents and gifts that each of these individuals bring to their respective positions — whether keeping the schools focused and of high caliber in the position of the regional superintendent, keeping order and fiduciary dignity in the offices of clerk and treasurer, or working as a team as County Board members to labor for the growth and prosperity of this county.

“A special prayer that I offer to you on this day, having worked with military personnel and working with law enforcement for over 13 years, seven of those years with the Sheriff’s Office, seeing the traumas of civilians and trying to heal the traumas of our law enforcement officers on scene and behind the scenes, I know that those who are called the peacemakers have a very special role and heavy burden in our society.

“I ask that you bless our new sheriff. Help him keep our homes and streets safe, and bless him in all his duties. Guide and protect him as he guides and protects all the citizen of this county, and all the personnel under his command who will seek his guidance in the coming years.”

Presented here are 20 photos from the 9 a.m. Monday, Dec. 1, ceremony.

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